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Kristin Trudeau, Founder of Dog Love Repeat

Kristin Trudeau is founder of online dog boutique, Dog Love Repeat, and a certified yoga instructor.  She combines her love for dogs and yoga by teaching doga classes in the Twin Cities, MN.

Doga was unofficially invented in 2012 by yoga teacher Mahny Djahanguiri in London.  As a yogi and a dog mom, she wanted to include her dog, Robbie, in her practice.  Doga is humans practicing yoga in a way that allows connection with your dog.  Your calm energy is absorbed by your dog, and synchronization in breath and movements are absolutely possible.


Builds trust
Enhances the natural bond
Reduces anxiety
Improves sleep
Lowers blood pressure
Increases awareness and mindfulness

Class structure:

In Kristin's one-hour doga class, mats are arranged to give dogs their space.  Dogs can remain on or off leash and is up to the discretion of the parent.  The first 10-15 minutes Kristin teaches some dog massage techniques to try on your pup. This really allows for you and your dog to settle into the space; creating a calm, relaxed atmosphere.  If you're calm, your dog will follow suit! The next 30 minutes contains yoga postures and sequences that allow for connecting and bonding with your dog, no matter what their size.  The final 15 minutes is spent relaxing in savasana with your dog.

Know before you go:

Bring a mat, water bottle and open mind! (treats might be helpful also!)

One dog per person, please (friends and family members are welcome to attend without a dog, if they wish).

Dogs should be spayed/neutered and current with their rabies vaccination.

Dogs shouldn't be forced to participate.  If they're not into it, get up and stroll around, take a break and/or move to a different location in the room.

Just like humans, dogs need practice - with each exposure they'll know better what to expect and become more comfortable.  Don't expect perfection right out of the gate.

Accidents happen.  No biggie.  Cleaning supplies are available in the room.

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