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I love teaching people to mountain bike! I have been riding, leading rides for groups, and teaching mountain bike skills since 2011. 

After becoming a Certified Ride Guide in 2014, I obtained Level 2 Basic Skills Instructor certification through the Instructor Certification Program 2015. I also hold a current certification in Wilderness First Aid.

I started out back in 2011 as the VP of West Coast Mountain Bikers for a 3 year period, and then moved on to become an integral member of Girls Rock-a Santa Cruz women's mountain biking community, during its early stages. These days I am enjoying giving back to the community by volunteering for Little Bellas and Girls Rock in Santa Cruz while being a full time student and mother of two grown kids. 

If you are new to mountain biking, have been riding for a while but never learned the basics, need a refresher, have fears keeping you from having fun- please contact me because I can help you have fun on your mountain bike! Downhill, climbing, cornering, roots, rocks? Email me with your questions and let's connect. Set up a one-on-one session or get your friends together for a group session. Watch for scheduled events , too, on Facebook and my website. 

-Krista Gray Coaching



Rebecca J. April 2016

Great day learning some MTN Bike tips with Krista Lee Gray, trail goddess extraordinaire! Fantastic day! I now know what I need to work on! Thank you!!


Isabelle C. April, 2016

Learning skills with Krista's biking class-My confidence in tackling technical descents was way up by the end of the class!


Leslie C. April 2016

Krista's a great teacher! 


Cindi, June 2016

Krista was fantastic with our beginner’s group! She made everyone feel welcome and included regardless of skill level.  She provided tons of helpful tips throughout our ride as we stopped to session along the way. It is amazing how much better I can climb after Krista’s clinic!  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to increase his or her skills. 


Anna,June 2016

Krista is a great ride coach especially those wary of technical trails. She breaks down the mechanics to educate and guide her students in thoughtful, friendly and patient steps. Krista shares her ever-expanding knowledge and enthusiasm for bikes, trails and gear with all levels of riders. I love the fun, non-competitive, welcoming vibe every time we ride together. It always ends with a perma-grin! 


Nancy, 2017

 I’ve had the good fortune of having private lessons with Krista Gray and can honestly say it has changed my riding skills.  MTB riding is not something you want to start out with bad habits and then painfully retrain your technique.  I had the bike, the gear, but not the skills.  I would watch women on their mountain bikes with such envy and wondered how do you learn that?   I often questioned myself whether I would be good enough, strong enough, fast enough, and coordinated enough?  After a few lessons with Krista and riding with her on group rides, I can honestly say, I have become a confident rider.  Krista teaches you the very basics and builds from that.  She doesn’t make you feel all those negative things you think about in your head when it comes to riding.  Krista builds confidence, coordination, skill, technique and most of all, makes you excited about MTB riding.  

At the end of each lesson, I felt much more confident and in control of my bike.  I now happily shred the trails and hear Krista’s words reminding me of the proper techniques.  Her lessons work, and worth the time and money!  No woman should head out on the trail without having a private lesson with Krista.  Thank you for being part of making my dream come true!  See you on the trails…


Carla May, 2018

Are you considering jumping on the trail with Krista as your coach? Great idea!


Krista is a truly attentive, kind and thoughtful coach, that offers both technical skills training, and the emotional support you may need to get out of your own way—so that you can just have some fun riding your bike!  


I recently purchased a new adventure bike (YEAH!), and along with my excitement to explore new trails and places, I quickly learned that I was holding on to some old fears about riding safely. And these fears were getting in the way of feeling joyful and confident out on the trails. 


Thankfully, I was introduced to Krista, and I quickly signed up for a 1:1 training session!  Krista took the time to really understand my goals and fears about riding. Next, she introduced me to very important foundational skills, which I practiced between sessions. With every success, I became more confident in my riding abilities, and more willing to take on new challenges. Just this week, I rode up and down a hill that from a distance, seemed like a VERY steep, rutted hill, full of obstacles, that “other people ride.” With Krista’s support, and coaching, I climbed (and descended this hill) with some laughs, and a huge smile! It was exhilarating!! 

Thank you, Krista! I am looking forward to more sessions with you, as I continue this cycling journey!

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