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Kris Williams is the former Historical Researcher and Investigator from Ghost Hunters and the former Co-lead on Ghost Hunters International. She also has over 20 years of experience in family research.

Along with offering her services as a genealogist and touring the United States appearing at paranormal conventions, she is now offering online workshops covering the topics: genealogy and the paranormal.

Her Experience as a Genealogist:

Kris Williams became a genealogy addict at the age of eleven thanks to her 4th grade teacher who had taken up the hobby and passed it on to her class. Since then Kris has spent over 20 years tracing her own family while helping friends, family and co-workers do the same.

In 2007, due to her experience in family research and love of history, she landed the job as Historical Researcher for the paranormal team featured on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters. For over three years, as the team’s Historical Researcher, she was responsible for researching the history behind each location as well as the people who were believed to be haunting it.

To add to her experience, Kris worked as an contributor for over a year. Kris submitted written & video blogs that covered a variety of topics such as, how to get started, breaking through dead ends, historical locations she explored on her travels, odd historical facts and shared her own personal experiences with genealogy.


Her Experience as a Paranormal Investigator:

In 2007, Kris Williams got her start as the Historical Researcher and Investigator for Ghost Hunters. She worked with the team for three and a half years traveling the United States investigating residences, businesses and historical locations that claimed to have paranormal activity.

In 2010, Kris moved to Ghost Hunters International where to was promoted to Co-lead Investigator. During the year and a half that she was with the team she traveled to 20 countries and got to visit and investigate locations she never dreamed shed have the opportunity to.

After all her time on the road and her experiences, Kris Williams still remains a skeptic and believes the only why to keep the paranormal field grounded, honest and believable is with a skeptical approach.



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