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Kliit Gives, Inc.

Kliit Gives, Inc. ​is a Non Profit organization created to bring women together by creating a platform for sharing, growth, education and a sense of sisterhood.

We believe that no community, person or organization can survive in Isolation so we consider ourselves a family and a pillar to hold each other up.

What does Kliit mean?

Yes you guessed it! The name Kliit although spelled with a "k' and "ii" was derived from the word Clitoris which is often considered the female version of the penis, however it is unfortunately less studied compared to its male counterpart. Nonetheless, it carries the same importance in sexual functioning.

Kliit gives is the non profit arm of Kliit health, Inc. which strives to empower multicultural women to take charge of their reproductive health through data analytics, education and community.

Our Motto:

Transforming the lives of multicultural women through giving, engaging, empowering and educating.

Our Mission:

We strive to provide a safe space for every woman to share her story and receive the care, support and help she needs to navigate through life. Our goal is to make her a rockstar at life, family, work and love.

Our Values:

To give every woman a place to run to when she needs a helping hand and remind her that she matters.

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