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Join us on our journey!

You are a software engineer, start-up enthusiast, student or just interested in becoming a part of a technology driven community? Then you found the right place!


Become a part of our community by participating at one of our Hackathons!


First let us dive into the term „Hackathon“. It is a neologism and combination of the terms „Hacking“ and „Marathon“. Hackathons are events that bring together data scientists, designers, programmers and experts from all kinds of different fields. Together they brainstorm, learn from each other and come up with novel solutions in theory as well as they develop actual software- and hardware prototypes.


Why do we need Hackathons?

Hackathons come in different shapes and colours. But in the end they all serve as a platform that is meant to promote innovation for our world. The three cornerstones we place our idea upon are:

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