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Kirstyn Marriott

I Am Limitless

Kirstyn Marriott is an Emotional Wellness Coach, Speaker and author, Kirstyn is a master of freeing people from mental, emotional and physical stress. Working with clients who are experiencing chaos in their lives or seek clarity and direction, Kirstyn integrates powerful healing methods to see her clients manifesting meaningful changes in their lives – both personally and professionally. Focusing on life transformation on all levels and in all areas, Kirstyn has powerfully impacted the lives of many people.

A highly intelligent motivated woman, Kirstyn’s three-decade business background spans into a diverse range of fields and arenas, including banking, agriculture, property investment, and events. Fulfilling predominantly leadership and training roles working with people in organisations, Kirstyn acquired a long list of qualifications ranging from Business Admin to Project Management. Personal stress skyrocketed during Kirstyn’s time in the corporate world and, when her stress turned to serious physical illness, Kirstyn re-evaluated her approach to life. Driven by her realisation of the impact stress has on us, Kirstyn devoted herself to acquiring certifications in several personal development and healing methodologies.

Believing deeply in people’s right to relieve stress and live life happily, Kirstyn delivers one-on-one consultations, workshops and webinars to assist people to release buried feelings, clear emotions and dissolve stress in their daily lives. Kirstyn shows clients how emotions drive mental and physical state. Effectively identifying the source of any unwanted feelings, Kirstyn uses a variety of methods– to ‘lift’ whatever is weighing her clients down. Helping people understand their emotions, both the source and the solution, Kirstyn’s no-nonsense approach to self-growth enables people to quickly regain emotional clarity and direction for life. With a brilliant gift for facilitating self-healing and self-awareness, Kirstyn transforms the thought of dealing with emotions from traumatic to empowering.

 “I love helping people find their authentic self,” says Kirstyn, “It is a rewarding experience to see them release the baggage of the past and allow their desired future to come into bloom. I believe in people being able to create permanent shifts within them that leads to a more fulfilling life. People deserve to live whole, complete lives.”

Kirstyn’s services reflect back on her core purpose – to encourage people to look within themselves when it comes to revamping or improving their lives. Kirstyn’s book, How to Remain Calm in the Midst of Chaos encapsulates her philosophies on coherence between the heart and mind, and practical techniques for alleviating stress and disease. Expanding beyond consulting and authoring into the world of speaking and presenting, Kirstyn has delivered several keynote speeches on Buried Emotions, Stress and Forgiveness, extending to her experience in running corporate stress management programs. A dedicated and powerful woman, Kirstyn’s focus is always ‘stress down, happiness up.’ 

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