Kingwood/Humble Area Aggie Moms' Club

The Kingwood/Humble Aggie Moms is ONE of more than 100 Aggie Moms Club across the state that fall under the umbrella of the Texas A&M University Mothers' Club.  We are organized exclusively for  charitable and educational purposes. "We, as board members of the Federation of Texas A&M University Mother’s Clubs, state that we will, to the best of our ability, be committed to work together as a team.  To be honest, open, resourceful, helpful, fun loving, and unified leaders.  We pledge to be mentors, friends, and facilitatorS with solidarity and to include and encompass each other and all Aggie Moms". AND we make new friends and have fun in the process! Aggie Moms are proud, proud of Texas A&M University, proud of the daughters and sons they send to Texas A&M and proud of making a contribution to the education of their Aggies, to the future of Texas A&M University and to the future of the Great State of Texas.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events