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Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries

Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries is a fellowship of ministries, churches, and Para-church ministries knitted together by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of spiritual covering. In this fellowship, ministries supply one another with spiritual soundness, inspiration, financial strength and mutual support; in the case of spiritual, legal or political crisis. This ministry is a Synergistic Fellowship; we confess that if you take 3 and 3 we equal 27. In arithmetic the outcome of any two digits is determined by what is connecting them. The momentum that is shared between the ministries in KFCM causes an exponential experience, thus the momentum is not just added but multiplied.

Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries makes no claim of having an absolute Word from God that no one else has heard. We do, however, without chagrin, proclaim that we have received from the Lord, divine insights into the times, seasons, cycles, and climates of God. Like the children of Issachar, we have been anointed and appointed to have an understanding of the times, know what the Body of Christ ought to do, and an anointing to mobilize the Body in doing it.

We believe that it is God’s will for all of the Body to come together in strength, power, and love. It is time that we share God’s revelations and information with one another so we can grow and not fail. We must share our resources so we can keep from duplicating efforts in ways that are not necessary. KFCM is God’s ordained vehicle for bringing us together in the unity of the Spirit.

KFCM is not a denomination or vertical fellowship that controls or usurps the rights of local churches, fellowships, networks, para-church ministries or businesses. Rather, it is a synergistic network that promotes interdependence. We are bound together strictly by laws of relationship. We do not have a common manual, nor do we dictate the practices that our network members should adhere to. We do, however, believe that there is much wisdom in the multitude counsel. We believe that the Holy Scripture are the inspired, inerrant word of God and that each entity should be focused on the vision and purpose that it has been destined to provide in the Kingdom of God.

KFCM is not a denomination and does not plan to become one. This Fellowship consists of independent ministries that still understand the need for accountability and covering. This accountability is expressed through relationship, we honor because of relationship. The loved shared between ministries in KFCM has enriched the lives of the leaders and made our ministries more effective.

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