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Kingdom Faith Global Church, Pastors Elim and Dr. Lavencia Shawver

Pastor Elim and Dr. Lavencia Shawver have an Apostolic mandate to teach, train, and equip the people of God to walk in Kingdom Dominion. They have been sought out to serve on many Prophetic Presbytery teams throughout the United States and have been proven as accurate prophets sent by God. They also are called to the deliverance ministry and have ministered to people by appointments as well as ministered mass deliverances in conferences. Together they have 4 children and are the founders
of Kingdom Faith Global Church.

The Shawvers were prophesied that when they got married (2015) that God was going to merge 2 ministries together and make them one. They have ministered at Singles Conferences and shared their love story and how God delivered them to encourage singles to wait on God. They have flowed together as a team in many ministry assignments and speaking engagements. They have a Priscilla and Aquila mandate to pour into 5 fold ministry gifts that need additional training and restoration. (Acts 18: 18,26) and currently have a church in Biloxi MS. The Lord has also given them a Deliverance  Ministry  grace for married couples as well as  engaged couples . They currently reside in Biloxi, MS and are called to be instrumental in manifesting the Kingdom on the Gulf Coast  Mark 16;7.

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