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Kevin Fournier

Kevin Fournier is best known as the "wizzard" because of the miracle transformations that he has inspired in others.  

The most difficult time in my life was when my business was stolen by my ex business partner.   I went from making 6 figures to almost zero in less than a week.   I was stressed out, frustrated and over-whelmed, and become distressed. 

But my entire life transformed almost over night when I went to a seminar.    Once I knew it was possible have massive life change in a short time, I became obsessed with helping other make transforms their lives.  I got 9 certification in life changing technologies and read tons of books.  

I helped transform a homeless druggy alcoholic in one session.   I've helped an internet marketer make 6 figures in his first year in business.  I helped a business owner make an extra 6000 a year in extra income.    Massive transformations!  
All of my live events, programs, and one-on-one coaching are transformative and life changing.   It's not just information, it's real transformation.    
I would love to help you transform your business and your entire life!
Credential & Certifications:
Bachelor's Psychology
Masters Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Master of Hypnosis
Masters Mental Emotional Release
Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner
Certified Life Coach
Robbins-Madonis Coaching
Speaking Training Certification
Masters Speaking Certification

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