KettleBell Concepts


Since 2002, KettleBell Concepts™ (KBC) is the global business to business leader in kettlebell education for highly credentialed fitness and allied health professionals. The depth, breadth and scope of the education is geared solely toward certified and/or licensed fitness and allied health professionals. With over 5,000 trained and counting, KettleBell Concepts is the premier source for fitness and health industry leaders and professionals who seek products and business solutions for kettlebell programming. Kettlebell Concepts is an approved continuing education provider by top-tier fitness and exercise science certifying organizations.

Science & Research

  • KBC’s material is extensively annotated and backed by the latest research. Courses are conducted in the language of science with the understanding that attendees are trained, properly credentialed, currently practicing fitness professional working with clients of all types.
  • We ignore dogma. We eschew “guru’s.” KBC has always (and will continue) to seek the “why’s behind the how’s.” The goal is to create, encourage, and cultivate critical thinking skills that will apply not just to kettlebells, but to other modalities as well as you continue on in your fitness journey.
  • The kettlebell is just a tool. A great tool to be sure and it’s something that can bring a lot to not only your clients, but to you as well as a business owner. But it is still – just a tool. We encourage our students to be wary of swallowing too much of any one type of Kool-Aid.


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