Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care Inc.

At Kentish Lifelong Learning & Care Inc., ( we are passionate about supporting the community by providing flexible, safe and affordable Family Day Care services throughout the Northern Territory. In addition, we provide Out of Home Care services for children in the care of the Minister as well as running our Early Learning Centre at Moulden.

Our philosophy is that learning should always be fun and that each child should be empowered with integral skills and attributes that will last them a lifetime. We are motivated by the belief that all children deserve a chance to enjoy a wonderful childhood with strong educational foundations. Because of this, we provide nurturing, learning/teaching and care that promotes the well-being, optimum growth, and personal enrichment of all the young people in our program (as well as their families and educators). At Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care Inc., everyone’s strengths are celebrated.

We are excited about launching our 2019 Professional Development programs including Robyn Henderson’s seminar series.

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