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Kenda-Le Pernin of Mark Kamin & Associates

Kenda-Le Pernin is a seasoned trainer, consultant, and coach. She is known for bringing rigor to her client engagements and has a track record of supporting clients in producing extraordinary results. Kenda-Le has a depth of experience in the operations management. Several of her flagship clients have had major successes in operation management specifically in the areas of cost reductions, team cohesion, and operational efficiencies.

Kenda-Le specializes in designing training programs & coaching engagements that align your organization's Human Capital behind your most important strategic business objectives. Mark Kamin & Associates uses a methodology to bring a very distinct thinking process to elicit the brilliance that is already present within your organization.

Industries include and are not limited to: Oil and Gas, Financial, Retail, Hospitality, Insurance, and Franchises