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Kemina and Ann-Marie

Kemina helps people unlock their truth by releasing their brain patterns, health issues and energetic blocks, so they can reach their greatest potential.

Kemina specialises in helping to bring people into wellness from chronic pain, disease and illness. The illness to wellness process includes the exploration and realisation of people’s true nature and authentic soul gifts, while discovering and experiencing exciting revelations and wisdom to transform their lives.

Kemina is a Kinesiologist, mentor, life coach for women, men and children, who seek emotional, mental, physical and spiritual transformation. She is passionate about creating a world filled with conscious and compassionate people, and one where people master their lives and thrive. To achieve her dream, Kemina has developed a number of advanced techniques that speed up the healing process to reach core issues more quickly, while providing a deeper and more thorough approach than has ever been developed before.

Ann-Marie is a certified spiritual healer, intuitive counsellor, psychic surgeon and tuning fork practitioner.

Ann-marie is an extremely gifted healer, who integrates spiritual healing, Kinesiology, tuning forks and medical intuition into her sessions that transforms and releases deep seated stress and trauma. Ann-marie is a channel for spirit and a gifted alchemist that creates depth and insight into her sessions that surprises and delights.

Ann-Marie is clairvoyant and clairaudient and deeply connected to her healing guides.  She has a passion for esoteric wisdom, EFT, Qigong and other energy balancing techniques that harmonise the body.

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