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I stumbled upon yoga close to 14 years ago. I was young and wild with a desire to experience anything and everything within my reach. Yoga came to me in the form of a challenge, something new to learn. Never did I imagine the powerful impact that yoga would have on my life.

I remember my first class…While sweating profusely, I moved and stretched my body into poses announced in Sanskrit, finishing my water bottle long before class ended. With each pose I wondered if I would make it to the next. But when we reached final Savasana, I felt filled to the brim with a vibrant energy I had never experienced before… a natural high. I was hooked.

Throughout the years, my love for yoga has only continued to evolve. This beautiful practice has truly changed my life. Unlike anything or anyone else, my yoga practice has always been there for me, providing me with comfort and strength no matter where I physically exist. For me, yoga is a sacred space I commit to creating for myself. This practice, this space, this mind and body connection... it truly heals me on a daily basis. I often ask myself: Where would I be without my practice? I hope to never find out.

Inspired by my own transformation, in the fall of 2012 I attended my first RYT 300-hour teaching certification in Portland, OR learning both Hatha and Vinyasa teaching styles. Months later I completed an additional 50 hours of therapeutic yoga training through Living Yoga, an Oregon non-profit offering yoga to youth and adults in prisons and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. In 2015 I completed the Forrest YOga 200 hour Foundation Training, along with 25 hours of continued education with Ana Forrest. Forrest yoga has changed my life; my practice, my teaching, and my connection to Spirit.

Through my teaching, I hope to inspire others to create a sacred space for themselves that will provide the same sense of healing that I have experienced from simply committing to my yoga practice. 

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