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Licensed & Certified CARE Instructor,NHP,CRTS, LSH (ND)

Organizer of CARE Seminar- Bible Oils, Vitaflex, Raindrop I & II (NCBTMB approved)

Kelli is Certified and Liscensed as a Health & Wellness Coach, Certified CARE Instructor, Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist and Liscensed Spiritual Healer, Completing her ND. Her passion is to see her students/clients become free physically, emotionally and spiritually.






I can't thank you enough for the love and care through which you teach and facilitate!  The love of the Lord overflows from you.  
I wanted to give you an update.

After you left, I had put my hearing aids back in and it was as if everyone was shouting.  I must have recieved healing/restoration to my hearing as I couldn't tolerate having them in.  I'm hearing fine today, and plan to go with out them to see if I need to lip read or if this is for real!!!  I could hear crickets this morning without even opening the door.  My back has gone from looking like it had a second or third degree burns, during the Raindrop application,  to normal-no issues there.  Im not feeling arthritic pain today either, and that had been severe. 

Last night, I did have a myriad of images and emotions, and traumatic flashbacks to hard moments in my life, a repeated dream from childhood accompanied by new understanding, all rushing in succession right as I sat up.  Thank you, for holding me through my tears, sweet sister.  You are my sister forever in Christ-and in that moment you were a better sister than I have ever had, and I have 4 biological sisters.  Not a one of them could have comforted me as you did, because you have the Spirit and love of God in you.   With post abortion syndrome comes a numbing of emotion, from shoving down the experience. We don't realize when we shove down emotions and turn them off that we don't get to choose which ones; they all go and thus we go numb and loose all the good, happy, sad; everything, from trying to hide, forget, push down, cover up and put behind us the abortion experience and they don't go away, they just make us sick, in heart, mind, emotion, spirit, and body.  Well THAT got undone!  Then, last night I had dreams that revealed fears, regrets, and sorrow of loss that had been pushed down and covered over.  I had not had the opportunity to process them when they were happening, 16 years ago.  I was too busy figuring out how to pick the pieces of my life up and  provide for 5 boys, ages 12 to 2, with a very difficult ex-husband who didn't want to help provide.

Wow, so, so much released.  Yes, I'm drinking lots of water!  I'm journaling, praying, diffusing, worshipping, resting, being still and quiet.  It's a journey and I am awaiting Holy Spirit to guide me onward.  I know this isn't over but just the beginning. 

Thank you, with all my heart.  Love you, Kelli.  May God continue to bless and keep you and your family as you journey together with Him!

Please feel free to share my testimony. 

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