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Kelle Sparta and Kathy Scheiern are the world's leading experts in transformation.  


This is NOT personal growth.  Personal growth is learning a set of skills that allow you to BEHAVE differently.  Transformation is the fundamental shifting of your identity from what it is now to what you choose to become.  This results in changes in behavior as well, but not from learning new skills.  Instead these shifts in behavior come from a change in the way that you perceive the world and therefore, it is not work to maintain the shift.  Things are different because YOU ARE DIFFERENT.  


Kelle and Kathy have spent the last 20+ years mastering the process of inner transformation. Together they are a powerhouse of change-inducing energy.  The events that they create are potent initiation points into new ways of being.  They have been known as the "best of the best" for transformational work and they have taught all over the country, from Boston, to San Francisco, to Tampa, and more.  In fact, Kathy did her PhD work in what creates lasting change in groups.  She literally created the field of transformational events in academia.


For more information about Kelle and Kathy, visit their website at


For a sample educational class from Kelle, view the video Grace Under Fire:  Maintaining Your Personal Power in Stressful Situations here:

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