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Katrina Ji & Culture Shakti

Katrina Ji is a highly acclaimed international touring dancer & choreographer specializing in Rajasthani Folk, Bhangra & Bollywood. She is the Artistic Director of Culture Shakti based in Seattle & Los Angeles, USA
​Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

I’m super excited to share my favorite dance with you online! I just spent the last 5 months living in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan India where I was performing every night at Desert Springs Resort in the Thar Desert.

I’ve been in awe of Kalbelia dance since 1999 after seeing the documentary Latcho Drom. The opening scene is in Rajasthan. I toured and performed throughout the USA in 2014 with Suva Devi Kalbelia who is famous for her barrel turns in the film. This year, I got to meet Talab Khan who was the young boy singing in the film. He’s now a grown man. 

During my 2017 Tour with Rajasthani Caravan, I was awarded by both RANA (Rajasthanis of North America) and ARA (American Rajasthani Association) for my work. Then, in 2018 I became a member of the International Dance Council, CID - UNESCO, the highest level of dance recognition in the world. 

Regardless, my time in India was unforgettable. I spent my every day with musicians and dancers. It was quite the exciting adventure. Dilip Singh filmed a music video with me and Ashraf Khan Harbha.

Prior to teaching and performing Rajasthani dance, Katrina was fully immersed in FCBD(R) Style Bellydance since 1999. This particular style of bellydance is rooted in the dances of the Romany trail. That's what inspired Katrina to dig deeper and learn more about Rajasthani dance. She is a certified FCBD(R) Style Bellydance Instructor since 2007.

Call 206-322-9500 or email for performances, workshops or group lessons.

Katrina Ji is a member of the International Dance Council, CID - UNESCO