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Katina Love

Katina Love

Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host & Love, Purpose & Abundance Coach


My book ‘Awaken to Natural Wellness’ which shares my journey on why I went natural with my diet & lifestyle. It’s also a reference and guide for those who desire to take better care of themselves!

I share

  • healthy foods & beverages to consume
  • creative ways to workout
  • the importance of taking supplements
  • female health
  • colon health
  • how to balance your hormones naturally
  • how to speed up your metabolism

& so much more!


Its now available on Amazon.



Self-Love, Purpose & Success Coach

Katina started out coaching as a healthy lifestyle coach. She had the desire to assist those who desired optimal wellness by making better food choices so she started doing wellness coaching and lifestyle makeovers!

She then created her own conscious talk show ‘Awakening with Katina Love’, which quickly became a platform for healers and uplifters to share their spiritual journeys and info. about their business and ministry. Katina realized there are many who desire to share their spiritual gifts and talents with world and incorporate them into their business. However, they are either afraid of speaking publically, desired more confidence with speaking or cared too much about what others think about them.

She began coaching her talk show guests with feeling comfort and ease about speaking about what they’re passionate about! Katina now coaches new thought leaders, coaches and healers with having the confidence to fully stepinto their true life’s purpose! She would like to assist you with the same!

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