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Kathryn Berketa of Infinite Healing Energy

There are a number of ways to reach the centre. To hear our Soul. It's what resonates with you best that is most important. By gathering information from Energy, Light, Vibrations, & Frequencies the infinite healing energy can serve you for your highest and best. Opening doorways of perspective to reach that place of Creation. Your Freedom of Choice. The more you understand your Self, the more you expand your senses. The more you accept yourself and trust your senses, the more connected and aligned you become to the Universe. We are all Connected. The question is: How willing are you to simply Be? How willing are you to TRULY re-discover your gifts? To Embrace them fully and wholly? To embrace You? It all starts with You. You are a Gift. Empower yourself with the Wisdom You Behold and live in Abundance.

By working with Reiki, Theta Healing, or Intuitive Healing this could be the next vital step to re-pattern and change your Life to the way you choose to live it. Dare to Discover!

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