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Kathryn Alexander, MA, Art of Leadership - Impact!

Kathryn, brings her serial entrepreneur having started and run 8 companies and 2 non-profits, 18 years teaching, and 25+ spiritual practice background to her work helping leaders and teams create and navigate the desired future. In her 22 years working with change in organizations she has learned the secret that effective organizations are ethical organizations. Working with leaders and teams to address the need to think differently about their problems, she has been instrumental in co-creating significant shifts in organizations. Her passion is creating communities that generate enlightened business practices.

Among her many client contributions are the collaborative strategic planning sessions she lead for the Department of Public Works in San Francisco. These sessions allowed the leadership to envision the future, plan, build teams and implement changes that brought the Department from being a thorn in the Mayor’s side to the 11th most improved in the nation within eighteen months.

Another strategic planning client found that the 45 participants were interested in bringing more integrity to their industry by forming a consortium to address that issue in Denver, Colorado. The client became one of the leaders in the consortium and achieved a strong internal strategic plan all during the same two-day event.

The uses of her unique assessment for better understanding culture lead to an ease of implementation and clarity of relationship that accelerated the pace of change without generating friction or resistance. Her values assessments lead to rich discussions that uncover hidden conflicts that could generate ethical and legal issues for her client firms.

Her firm, The Art of Leadership - Impact! is a full service firm 

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