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Katherine Alexiss - Life Coach


For the creative, professional, entrepreneur, fitness junkie & regular degular shmegular person who is stuck. Let's get you to finish what you start, take chances * feel confident being 100% you.

As a coach, my method involves a series of professional tactics and emotional development activities to help understand and break repetitive cycles in your life. Not only will you gain clarity, but develop the right mentality to confidently plan and navigate your future. 

What does a life coach offer? 

That advice you needed from a good friend.  

What’s the difference between a life coach and a therapist? 

Unlike your therapist, I can tell you what to do…and I get bossy.

Psychologist focus on your past, can’t directly offer advice, and have strict boundaries with sharing personal experiences.

Life coaches focus on your past, present and how to grab the future by the horns and ride on confidently. We also offer emotional support, share our personal journey and hold you accountable. 

i.e. Kick your butt if you’re holding back, and stay motivated to keep balance in your life. 

Is there food involved?

Food will not be included. You will be notified to bring snacks depending on meeting. 

Where do we meet?

Coffee shops with little to no distractions. 

Local parks or hikes to double-up into a fit session and increase our endorphin's. 

  • Bonus – Walking allows you to effectively think clearly when expressing yourself.

Skype or Phone Call for those on the go or want to chat in the comfort of their home. 

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