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Karen Kohler

Born in Germany, raised in New York and a Texan for 15 years, Karen left a career in top-level leadership at Whole Foods Market to follow the call to performance, sensing that it was the truer path. As singer-actress she is known for bridging distinctly different sensibilities and songbooks with art that is as intellectually penetrating as it is sensual and provocative. She has won all major New York cabaret awards – Nightlife, BroadwayWorld, MAC and Backstage Bistro - and has performed in cabarets and concert halls throughout the U.S., Europe, England, Australia, India and the Caribbean.  

Karen's commitment to art extends to producing, directing and coaching. She is a master teacher in stagecraft and a sought-after creativity, public speaking and life coach. She fequently gives workshops in conjunction with her concerts worldwide. Students have come from as far away as Australia for Karen's private Colloquium in Brooklyn.


"Karen is really taking the time and giving her energy, opening up to every single student. She is sharp and able to sense what every single student needs to work on. Her braveness motivates and inspires. I had the feeling I am not alone, she wants me to grow, she wants me to succeed on stage and to be a conscious part of my journey and I am very thankful for that. The additional instrument which was brought in by Marni Rice, a real bohemian musician who played in Paris for many years was absolutely special - we were able to do some individual improve scenes with the sound of her accordion in the background. It created such an artistic and peaceful atmosphere and I am so glad I was able to explore and experience these wonderful hours with Karen, Marni and all students."
- Anna Schumann, cabaret artist

"For those of us who speak for a living, our voice is precious and, yet, often misunderstood and undervalued. Karen Kohler has the gift of revealing and nurturing the magnificent value of every individual voice – its shades and colors, its reach and hesitation, even its heartbreaks. Karen helped me to wholeheartedly embrace my voice and explore it in more depth than I ever had before. As a result, my speaking has become more powerful, nuanced and enduring." 
- Renate Reimann, speaker/author

"The best part of working with Karen is her trust and faith in her performers which allowed us to blossom. I would recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation - not just in the field of cabaret, but for any actor/singer who is trying to tell a story and wants to communicate to their utmost abilities. So all I can say is - go for it, there is so much to learn!"
- William Luwig, actor

"I learned how to make a song my own." 
- Sibyl Offutt, singer

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