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Kann Advisory Group

Kraig Kann    A longtime television personality who spent time as the primary studio host at NBC's Golf Channel and in the C-Suite at a professional sports league as Chief Communications Officer, is proud to present multiple online learning opportunities.  

Be it Kraig alone, or partnering with another industry expert, he delivers custom webinars, seminars and workshops on the art of influence and leadership through effective communication while coaching business leaders, athletes and coaches to become exceptional public speakers, brand ambassadors and media savvy professionals with an understanding of how to get noticed for the right reasons.  Dynamic presentation skills is only part of the winning recipe for success with an audience.  The content you put in front of people and the way you deliver it leads to results.  

He's canvassed the country sharing his message as a requested keynote speaker and leads the Kann Advisory Group with the goal of inspiring and empowering you to stand our when you stand up.  Through webinars in this series, his mission is to arm you with the skills and the mindset to engage and empower your next audience through an informational, interactive and fun hour session.

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