Kandula International, LLC

Roxana Colorado is an international business strategist and philanthropist. She believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to do something great. Most people want to do big things. But many don't know where to start.

Through Kandula International, LLC, Roxana leverages her international network and corporate experience to spare purpose-driven entrepreneurs from losing their time, money or sanity during the business development process.

As a philanthropist, Roxana runs a nonprofit, Dare2B, Inc., to equip, inspire, and empower homeless children to survive and thrive. Roxana has successfully created and implemented innovative solutions that consist of a seven (7) step holistic program that drives Dare2B's mission. Providing homeless children with an opportunity to tap into their potential and become positive influencers in their home. Through this process, children enjoy developing skills important in gaining opportunities for economic growth.


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