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Kal Jurdi - Fearless Transformation/ Sandler Training

For the past 10 years Kal has helped thousands of successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales leaders around the country to explode their sales and income in a short period of time. He is an expert in building high performance teams so that the business owner can stop micromanaging and instead, enjoy what they love to do.

Kal, with an engineering background, is an expert on creating frameworks for everything he teaches so that people can easily retain and implement the learing.  Beyond the strategies and “How To”, Kal digs deeper to help people discover their scripting that had them to behave in a particular unresourceful habit loop. Then through NLP, help them break the pattern and “install” a new behavior that would lead them to their desired outcome.  

Kal has made a career out of mastering the art of presenting, training and facilitating through various transformative learning skillset that he acquired throughout the years such as Landmark, NLP, TRE, Vippassana, experiential training, Sandler Sales System, Blair Singer’s Little Voice Mastery, Accelerated Learning, and plenty more.

Kal style of training is bringing the brilliance out of others rather than the traditional boring lecturer who tells you what to do. All in a high energy fun and challenging environment.

With more than 10 years of experience in starting and managing businesses, Kal has earned the right to train and teach by the virtue of going through plenty of business FAILURES himself.

After earning an Engineering degree from Arizona State University Kal immediately realized that he does not belong in the “Get A Job” club and chose the hard way of entrepreneurship by starting his own business. Within six years, two locations, and only seven people on his team he quickly became one of the pioneers in selling specialty preowned automobiles online in 2006 where that was not the norm.

However, with success came failure. Two years after the recession, Kal lost the business along with $500K of his own money and was 90 days away from being homeless.

That was the turning point where he realized that business development requires PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

So he quickly immersed himself in personal development and since 2010, Kal has learned from the most successful teachers in the world who had a proven record in success. “No shiny objects” or “get rich quick schemes.” Some of the teachers who he worked directly with include Tony Robbins, Harv Ecker, Wayne Dyer, Brenden Burchard, David Berceli, Blair Singer, and then mastered the art of selling through Sandler Training and he is now a Sandler Training partner.

Out of implementing all the learnings from his teachers, Kal turned his life around and since then has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners in over 32 states and three countries to turn their businesses and life around through personal and business development.

Some of the topics include Sandler Sales System, communication, team building, managing conflict at the workplace, dealing with difficult people, management skills for leadership success, and goal setting. Kal understands how contentious personalities can hinder individuals and team performance so he is great at motivating and inspiring teams to become high performers.

Some of his clients include small businesses as we as big organizations such as Zappos, Wells Fargo, AZ Tech Council, and LinkedIn. He has been on multiple radio live broadcasts including Radio Monte Carlo in Paris and television interviews, including MTV. He is the author of the book “Social Seduction” and working on his second publication. 

Kal’s philosophy is “The road for business development is paved with personal development that never stops.”Therefore, Kal is always be a student first!

Kal can lead your business and team towards excellence. He transforms the good to the extraordinary!

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