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KAFFNY Infinite Cinema

October 20th to 31st 2020

Sign up for an access codes to our streaming site, tickets provide through Open Donations.

In this year’s 14th annual KAFFNY festival, we’re going virtual and the films will be streamed online from October 20th to 31st. We will premiere and launch new films to our streaming site (FestivalFlix) over the first five days of the festival. Due to the economical impact on the creative industry this year, we want to share our program to our audience with no set ticket prices, and only ask for open donations from those who are able to give. Please take a look at these films and sign up to get an access code to stream the films during the festival.

Let the screen transport your mind to new places, new practices, and new perspectives, leaving you entertained, challenged and confident to forge new relationships with those outside of your bubble.

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