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JWHill Productions LLC

JWHILL PRODUCTIONS LLC plays celebrate the triumphs and demonstrate the resilience of the trials endured by African American people.

Our stories not only bring attention to areas and subject matters like family dysfunction, abuse, addictions and mental illness that are often treated as ‘off limits or unmentionable’ but we show how addressing them, getting help or removing yourself from them can improve life.The stories we tell though they happen in the fictional The Amen Circle are written and performed to show that resilience of people of faith and our inherent tenacity to keep going no matter the odds.

While the main characters in JWHill Productions are African American, the problems, joys, and ups-and-downs are inherent to all people, cultures, communities, and families-ours just happen to be of color and are told with that flavor.

We bring life to the stage by telling our stories in our voice.

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