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Justin Schmoyer // Psychic Medium

Justin has been a practicing Psychic Medium for the past 9 years as his gift has reached thousands across the country through private readings, live shows and missing persons cases.  At age 5, Justin's father died in a plane crash and within days he was seeing the dead and knowing things he couldn't possibly know.  Throughout his teenage years and early twenties Justin's psychic medium abilities strengthened, yet was unrealized as he told not even his parents about these experiences.  This fueled great anxiety and isolating depression.  Scraping through life, he battled suicide attempts, alcohol abuse and struggled with the weight of "seeing" and "knowing".  After fateful encounters with strangers and spirits who proclaimed that he was a psychic medium, something deep down with clicked.  Justin surrendered to his abilities and committed to further developing them under world renowned mediums Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell.  He is a passionate messenger, a bridge between this world and the next, illuminating the truth that we walk hand in hand with the other side.  Love never ends.  Heralding rave reviews, a bold style and uncanny accuracy, Justin's passion for communicating with Spirit pushes the envelope and challenges even the skeptic's heart. 

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