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JT Lewis

JT Lewis was born and raised in the capital of Cajun country, Baton Rouge, Louisiana before moving to Nashville, Tennessee. Playing guitar and singing since he was 13, it was no surprise that JT would take his music to the next level. From a young age, he toured with regional bands, as a solo act, and an accompanying guitarist. But it wasn't until an important conversation with his grandfather that he had found the mission behind his calling. JT is now touring, and has opened for artists like Charles Esten from the TV show Nashville, Fordie Hayes, and works with groups like The Damsels who have opened for artists like LoCash, Joe Diffie, and Craig Campbell. 

JT's grandparents came to the United States from Cuba at the beginning of Castro's revolution. It left their family with nothing but their education and their work ethic. "My grandfather is the hardest working man I know. My family wouldn't be where we are without him", JT said. When a man of that caliber tells you a piece of advice, you listen, and that's what JT did. His grandfather told him that whatever he did after school, it didn't matter, but "whatever you do, do it the best you can". Soon after being given that piece of advice, he wrote the song "Shoot Straight" and never stopped working hard to be a straight shootin' example for a crooked world.

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