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Journeymen Oakland

Chefs Chris Wolff and Jonathan Tu first met in London in 2012 at (now shuttered) Michelin starred Restaurant Viajante. Chris was sous chef at the time, and remained at the restaurant for three years in total. Meanwhile, Jon was travelling through Europe and staging in the most interesting places he could find in the UK. These included an old-school British butcher shop, and restaurants Pied a Terre and Murano. When he arrived in Viajante and saw the creations of chefs Nuno Mendes and Leandro Carreira he decided to stay on full time for six months. Chris and Jon immediately realized that they had a similar penchant for (over)zealous eating and drinking. They parted ways shortly before the start of 2013 when Jon left to return to the States and join the team at Rich Table in San Francisco where he quickly rose to the position of sous chef.

In late 2014, Chris - interested in the philosophy and approach of making everything by hand - relocated to the Bay Area to take a job at Bar Tartine. It was almost an inevitablility that led to the formation of Journeymen after the two realized the possibilities of Oakland - their new home town.

Their experience also includes these restaurant kitchens: wd-50 (NYC) Wolfgang Puck Spago (Vail), Le Chateaubriand (Paris).





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