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'Journey of Joy Children's Events'

'Journey of Joy Children's Events'


 'Journey of Joy Children's Events' launched in Jan. 2014.

Events include a Baby Expo, Reading Expo, Birthday Party Celebration Expo, Educational Conference for Parents, Children's Expo and a Children's Praise & Play Concert Party.

'Journey of Joy Children's Events' presentations are significantly aligned with positively impacting families in a fun, interactive, hands-on way while offering vendor showcases with Parent and Community Resources and Family Activity interests made available at the events

"I'm super excited about the 'Journey of Joy Children's Events' for a number of great reasons. It signifies yet another exhilarating phase in my entrepreneurial journey, creates the thrill of exploring a new direction, provides another avenue for growth and further development stemming from the new focus of emphasis and above all, captures an all-encompassing beginning spawned from a spiritually enriched life found in Christ. He is the 'Joy' within life's 'Journey'. Babies and Children are a true blessing in our lives and a gift from God. The 'Journey of Joy Children's Events' is designed to showcase various aspects of that special blessing and the intriguing world of babies, young children and their families".

As a former Kindergarten Teacher understanding the dynamics of children 'learning through play' the Journey of Joy Children's Events will consistently offer an upbeat, lively and interactive element to all our events 

For more information about 'Journey of Joy Children's Events' contact me at (407) 272-7522 or Email: sandylisaacs@

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General Note of Interest 
'Journey' is the name of my first grandchild who was the inspiration for the 'Journey of Joy Children's Events'
The 'Journey of Joy Children's Praise Concert', 'The Joyful Journey Baby Expo Extravaganza' and 'Life's A Special Journey Children's Expo Showcase & Family Fun Fest' event presentations serve to showcase my love of children and the all-encompassing intrigue that comes from having them in our lives.
With a total of 5  Grandchildren (and a 6th one on the way) who bring a tremendous amount of 'JOY' into my life everyday, I am grateful for the specialness that surrounds their very existence!
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