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The Force of Ones™.

​​Lived in Minnesota long enough to call it home, yet still a transplant from Cincinnati. Landed my dream job right out of school as a writer, actually copywriter for a hit radio station that played them and brought in the stars who sang them. Met most. Struck an empathetic chord.
Moved into television and then actually moved…north to the land of 10,000 lakes. Lasted a few years at CBS and ABC then found the wonderful world of advertising. Worked for big corporations, big brands and big shots. Retail giants. Consumer goods. Music Industry. Became a Disrupter. Crusader. Realist.
Got close to the top of the ladder but stepped down. Not afraid of heights, tired of the view. Left to become a master juggler and wearer of hats. Ran small agencies. Climbed step-stools. Finally back on the ground to write and create Synergy Advertising. A microbiz. Later Joule, a place for microbiz.
Still a Disrupter. Crusader. Realist and Advocate—for Micros.
27 Million Freelancers and Founders.
The Force of Ones™.