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Jordan Snow

I look out into the world and I see destruction. I see hate, I see fear, I see depression. I see what is that of the enemy. We wage wars against each other when we need to unite. We engage in battles as if we were made to fight. Well maybe we were, maybe you're right.

All I have to say about that is this has not made us any better. They say history repeats itself, and will we ever learn. He says make America great again, I say make America greater than. Greater than what? Than it ever was. What are we looking back for? When the times were better? Show me in your history book when that was. Never?

Perhaps instead of stabbing backs we should turn ourselves around. Show each other why we fight and what our lives surround. Take up arms if you must, but do not turn on your bothers. Come together and UNITE against a common foe. A common enemy has come to play. How could you not know?

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