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Jooksi Live ALIVE Music
Jooksi is for those who know that music can take you on journey to new places, feelings, and adventures! Fredara created Jooksi in 2012 as a way to encourage people to explore great emerging artists and learn about the tremendous history of African American music. Fredara believes the best music is not just live music, but ALIVE music.

Explore the sounds of New York City!
Jooksi Circuits are led by ethnomusicologist, Fredara M. Hadley, Ph.D. Jooksi Circuits are a fun way to explore the rich musical history of New York City. Joiher as she guides you around world-famous music venues such as the ApolloTheater and leads to great musical finds all around the city.

What’s a “circuit?”
“The chitlin’ circuit was a network of venues, promoters, and hotels, who created a place for African American musicians to tour the Jim Crow South. It was aharsh, dangerous, and rugged life, but it provided a means for the Jazz, Blues,Soul, rock n roll, and R&B to travel around the South and reach the masses.Jooksi Circuits strip away the negative, but preserve the vitality of the circuit bychanneling the vitality of the great African American music that was made, andcontinues to be made, in each one of our New York City tours.

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