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Jonathan Tinoco

Jonathan Tinoco is an educator, trainer, public speaker whose advocacy is people empowerment. He has provided sales and motivational training to various companies through the years but, for the last 2-3 years, Jonathan has concentrated on cryptocurrency trading and investing, and made more than 10,000% profit in less than a year.
He is the CEO and Founder of CRYPEX Academy, whose aim is to teach people how they can participate and profit from the growing cryptocurrency market. CRYPEX Academy has already turned out graduates who have gone on to have consistent and profitable trading results in cryptocurrency using the techniques he taught and today, he aims to entice you to take that first step. He loves to travel the world and he is very passionate to share with you his experience.
Years ago, he became one of the youngest sales trainers and motivational speakers in the Philippines. He started sales and marketing in 1998 when he was only seven years old. He was then featured in RMN News Manila and DZME 1530 khz radio station as the “Youngest Entrepreneur.”
He didn’t graduate from college yet he travelled from different countries and successfully trained and mentored thousands of people in different wealth areas such as financial, social and intellectual aspect. He also trained different corporate companies, sales and marketing companies, NGO’s, spiritual organizations and schools/universities, among others.
Jonathan was also featured in different newspapers and radio stations and became one of the Top Global Speakers from different countries and became one of the best leading consultant of some cryptocurrency start-ups.
He is a successful educator, a trainer, a motivator, a business consultant, a public speaker, an entrepreneur, a life coach, an investor, and a CRYPEX trader trained by the world’s best speakers, wealth gurus and professional trainers such as Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and a financial expert), Tony Robbins (worlds #1 highest paid trainer and motivational speaker, a book author, entrepreneur, philanthropist), and other well-known speakers and success gurus across the globe.
Mission: To create well-trained discipline long term consistent profitable traders and investors in the volatile world of cryptocurrency.
Vision: To create new breed of successful entrepreneurs using the power of internet that will contribute to economic growth and development.
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