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Joilee Havner

Creator of Glow Girl Project Joilee Havner 


#GlowGirl is a campaign created to showcase unapologetic beauty, wit and creativity of all women of color. Inspiring girls everywhere to appreciate the skin they’re in. #GlowGirl project builds campaigns that represents, respects and values all shades. 


Join us in celebrating the skin we’re in and navigate diversity in this ever changing marketplace.


Joilee’s vision for the #GlowGirl project was to provide an arena where digital campaigns can be curated, encourage entrepreneurship growth, inspire others about the importance of self-health & build sisterhood.


This lifestyle brand erases the standard and scraps the status quo!

The #GlowGirl project celebrates our heritage, culture, complexion, sexuallity, and feminism through community leadership, influencer relation, digital campaigns & more.


Our skin absorbs sunrays. We are the goddesses of light. Our skin tells a story of grace, strength, perseverance, power & excellence. A supernatural power. 

We are the creators of life and the product queens. Our ancestors paved the way for our righteous passage of glow.


Glow Girl Project is about reclaiming our confidence while creating social consciousness of who we are and our importance. 


Follow the movement #GlowGirl 

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