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John Vizzuso, DBA

Dr. John Vizzuso has been an active researcher in the field of employee and physician engagement. A published author and expert in the field of human relationships, Dr. Vizzuso has created a workshop designed to encourage emotional connectivity with the audience. This workshop focuses on 4 leadership strategies derived from his research. These strategies are psychological ownership, expectation realization, trust actualization, and reduction of the power index. In rich and colorful detail, Dr. Vizzuso uses personal experiences and over 28 years of leadership experience to effectively explain the perils, pitfalls, and successes of motivating employees to achieve their goals. Attendees will begin a journey of self-discovery and gain an understanding of the social disease of disengagement.  The session will outline clear and concise strategies focused on recognizing poor leadership traits that lead to a disengaged workforce. In the end, the attendee will understand the importance of emotional connectivity and the responsibility of leadership to engage and listen to their employees.

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