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Jess + Nik: Self-Worth Coaching

Jess + Nik is the loving and creative outcome of two sisters bonding through the loss of our father to cancer, who share a dream to help others break through the barriers to find what it means to really feel alive.


You see, our loss was a wake up call. After spending so much time taking care of our dad (whom we lovingly call Pops), the most meaningful way we could ever spend our time, we found it hard to go back to work and find value in what we were doing.


Being with Pops was time full of laughter, tears, hard life lessons, and full hearts. Everything else paled in comparison. And so began our journey of finding what it would mean to be happy in this new life without him. What would put the smiles back on our faces? What would make us feel so loved and so alive that our hearts could barely contain it?


We realized that before this, most of life was spent just going through the motions. Just going to a job to make money to afford the house, the car, the social outings, the simple luxuries that made life somewhat enjoyable.


Once we woke up we realized this couldn’t possibly be all there is. Why should we let what has unfortunately become the normal lifestyle in our society dictate our plans and hold us back from SOARING and TRULY LIVING?


Why should we let the voices in our own heads continue to tell us we aren’t good enough, aren’t deserving enough, aren’t strong enough to have it be any other way? Why should we let the general dissatisfaction and low vibe of those around us prevent us from leading the way and showing what’s truly possible, what we are all truly capable of?


Well the answer is simple, we shouldn’t! And we won’t!


We're paving the way for anyone who's feeling stuck, trapped in the monotony of the daily grind, dreaming of a better way, willing and ready to make change, but not having any clue of how to get there.


We believe it’s time to start living with INTENTION, rather than socialized habit. And we know it’s possible, because it’s how we now live.


We are the light for anyone whose internal voice keeps saying you’re not good enough. We will guide you to your courage so you can break free and find the voice of truth and possibility and love.


We know that change feels scary. We’ve lost our biggest support system, our Pops, whom we relied on since we were helpless babies. We know how dark and LONELY it can be moving forward as we navigate a new path. That’s why we are here to support you and hold your hand and pick you up when you may fall.


We are the canvas for you to paint your dreams, your most rewarding life possible. And while your inner voice might tell you there’s no time for that, we are the sounding board to tell you that yes, there is absolutely time for anything that sets your heart aglow.


Our wish for you is the self-worth to take your life back into your own hands once and for all, the courage to stand up to your fears and keep following your heart, and the confidence to know you can handle whatever may come your way!

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