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Jersey Shore Financial Advisors LLC

Why I became a financial planner:



Just days before my wedding in 1993, my grandmother had a major heart attack. She didn’t go to the hospital (which was a 3 mile drive straight down West Front Street.) Gram and her husband, a life-long farmer, didn’t understand how Medicare worked. They were afraid of the cost. Living on a fixed income, they didn’t know how they would pay for her care if they called the ambulance or just drove the 10 minutes to Riverview. They had her drink warm water and waited. By the time anyone knew what was happening it was too late. Gram died the night before my wedding.


I became a financial planner to help people like Gram understand what resources are available to them. To plan for a life, both financial and non-financial by teaching them how money works. How investments work. How insurance works. How inflation hurts. How income taxes hurt. How estate planning works. How charity helps. How cash flow works. How retirement plans work.


I can help you protect your family's wealth from predators, creditors and Senators.


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