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Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart is an award-winning photographer, artist, author, hotelier and entrepreneur whose mission in life is to explore the intersection between creativity and empathy.


In response to the global pandemic, Jeremy reimagined the traditional photoshoot into a digitally teleported experience. His current projects are the tele-photo series #lovetransported and #separatetogether.


Jeremy projects individuals and families all over the world, one at a time, onto various objects and surfaces in his photo studio in Tennessee and then takes pictures of the scene. The result, he says, "is hopefully a permanent memento of this crazy pandemic we're all living in. We'll all be talking about this moment for the rest of our lives. My hope is that these portraits will serve as a chapter marker for those who participate. For better or worse, we're all in this together."


In just the first two weeks, Jeremy, who was named Most Influential Photographer on the Internet, photographed individuals, families, healthcare workers, and now -- loved ones separated by Covid -- in a remarkable 750 photoshoots across 48 states and 25 countries. The series has been featured on PetaPixel, Digital Trends and CreativeLive.


This limited-time series is an exclusive, rare opportunity to create an heirloom-quality fine art piece -- a time capsule keepsake of the moment when the world forever changed. Reserve your studio time with Jeremy by choosing an event below.

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