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I am an experienced artist and illustrator from Melbourne, Australia who loves to think outside the square. I'm also an TAFE/adult learning teacher who holds these very exciting qualifications:

Diploma of VET, Diploma of TAA, Cert 4 in TAA along with various other even more wonderful but irrelevant qualifications. As well as this, I’m a pretty lively person who will encourage you and help you to do your best.

You can also do my courses online at:

Watch this video for an overview of the fun and happiness we will have!



Survey feedback 100% positive:

I so enjoyed the class but it went way too fast.

I actually learnt some art techniques and I was made to feel very special. 

I liked the encouragement to give the drawing a try without judgement or pressure, and just do what felt comfortable and creative.

A nice group of people, a comfortable and interesting setting, lovely food, and a great way to spend time trying something that I previously would not have attempted.

It was a lovely way to spend a morning! I already recommended it to a work friend who has attended a subsequent workshop.

Too short. It was so enjoyable the class could have been longer.

Relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Effective teaching style.

I'm definitely looking out for any follow-up workshops, and have already recommended you to friends. It was a lovely day & I'm feeling a little bit cleverer in my drawing abilities.

Email feedback:

I had a ball at the "So you think you can't draw" class. Amazing what you can do with some basic principles and permission to do your own thing! With the same broad instructions everyone's work was so different! It was so much fun!! I got a bag with special goodies inside for me to bring home and keep playing with using the principles Jenny taught us today. So as a "think I can't draw" participant I now know I can! Thanks Jen - loved the morning. Di

Recommend the next class to anyone, very relaxed class and very enjoyable. Wendi

It was a great morning. Now to put it into action. It was really nice meeting everyone as well. Gill


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