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Jenny Culver


Amare Global is The Mental Wellness Company that focuses on the health of our TWO brains (the brain in our head and our other brain, our gut) AND the communicaton network connecting the two, the Brain/Gut/Axis.

The question we ask people to help them understand the size of the Mental Wellness issue is:

What % of the people do you know who find themselves:

  • Regularly stressed,
  • Suffering from occasional or constant anxiety,
  • Are depressed, blah or just down in the dumps,
  • Can’t get restful, restorative sleep,
  • Lack mental focus, energy or clarity,
  • Experience "brain fog"
  • Or maybe they’ve just felt “off” as a result of the stress and all the rest of daily life these days?

As we all know, it is a pretty high percentage of the population these days.
Is this you or anyone you know?

Amare is the only company addressing Mental Wellness with a focus on all three; the brain, the gut and the axis. The powerful, focused product line has made an amazing impact on the health of our entire family!


  • Amare Wellness Partner
  • doTERRA Wellness Advocate,
  • Certified AromaTouch Practitioner
  • Certified Level 1 & Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

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