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Jenny Cruz

Jenny Cruz is a spiritual and successful mom whose intention is to share her experience of health and wellness with her clients to inspire and motivate them to discover the greatness within them...through Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing and Essentials oils. Jenny is a licensed yoga instructor and Reiki master experienced in teaching both private and group classes. Her approach to teaching is open-minded. She began by initially teaching Body and Brain yoga, which gently builds strength, flexibility and helps focus the mind.

     Jenny brings a unique approach to health, fitness and wellness. She integrates the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of wellness, creating an atmosphere in which her clients reflect not only on their body's outward experience, but also their inner consciousness. Her philosophy is one of complete mind and body wellness. Once a client realizes that the only thing holding them back is the limits they themselves have imposed, Jenny is able to help the client transform into a higher consciousness of mindfulness that can bring peace, joy, love and health into every aspect of daily life.

     Jenny teaches Body & Brain Yoga which is definitely more than just your average yoga class. But what is it that makes a class at Body & Brain yoga feel so unique? It is intentionally designed to gently return your mind and body back into the same space and time. With this experience of harmonization between the body and mind as its ultimate goal for every student, in every class, Body & Brain Yoga creates the space for you to experience your original nature, which in turn allows you to realize the incredible natural healing power within.


Jenny Cruz 

Licensed Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master 

(917) 960-2180 


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