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Jennifer Seaver Stokes @ Tuned In Coaching, LLC

Jennifer is a Career and Life Transition coach with a passion for coaching creativity.  I am a muse of sorts.  My mission is to create opportunities and environments for ideas to be shared and expanded through the collective genius of the group.

My favorite people to work with are those in the "Creative Class". * People that want to create something, in the for-profit or NFP world, that will not only benefit themselves but have an enduring positive impact on their world. 

In a Mastermind group experience, I want to create a space for individuals to share their unique ideas.  Allow the other participants to ask clarifying questions, and then open up the conversation to exploring how this idea could become a reality.  There are no "bad" ideas and the group is committed to honoring every idea equally. 

Please join us for this opportunity.  All are welcome.  

The goal of this forum is to meet others that you may want to meet with regularly in a closed mastermind group.  I will be organizing these closed groups of 5-7 as they come together organically.  

* " This “creative class” is found in a variety of fields, from engineering to theater, biotech to education, architecture to small business. Their choices have already had a huge economic impact. In the future, they will determine how the workplace is organized, what companies will prosper or go bankrupt, and even which cities will thrive or wither." Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class, 2004

In his book, Florida focuses on "the growing role of creativity in our economy."



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