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Jennifer Gibat

I Was Forced to Quit My Job, It’s What I Did Next That Changed My Life…
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It all started with a single phone call.

“Paul is very sick.”

At the time I felt cornered – my husband Paul became extremely sick, so I needed to leave my job to stay at home and take care of him.

Instantly I went from my steady income as a Truck Driver to absolutely nothing.

It was hard times. Now, I run an Online business that pays everything for me. But back then I felt cornered, trapped, extremely stressed about what to do next.

After I quit my job, my first goal was to make sure my husband was OK. I wasn’t focused on how to make money, I just knew I needed to take care of my husband.

We got him stable and I considered returning to work.

Then out of no-where, because of his illness, they took his driver’s license away and told me he would never drive again.

I was shocked…

Ripped apart…

It set in that if I returned to work my husband would be stuck at home, all alone, sick, and unable to leave the house.

I couldn’t do that to Paul so I decided right then and there to make a change.

I didn’t know exactly how to make more money or start a business online but I figured the best place to start looking was the Internet.

So I hopped on Google and after hours of searching, I found out about something called “online marketing.”

It definitely was not easy to start and I had limited money to really apply towards starting my own online business, but finally I figured out the steps that are allowing me to pay all my bills and spend time with my husband – freeing my time to do whatever I please.

There are not a lot of businesses out there that would give you location freedom like online marketing will...

Although it was not the easiest thing in the beginning, I found a mentor who helped me short cut my path to success.

That was really the key for me: finding a mentor.

I think the biggest struggle most people have when they are trying to start a business online is finding someone who has the right knowledge and experience to show them how.

Paul and I have always been very charitable. So now that I have 'made it’, I want to share the lessons I learned. I’m at a point in my life where I’d like to “pay it forward”.

So, for the people out there who are eager, lost or confused on where to start, or who just want some insight - there is a powerful event coming to your area to give you all of that and more, totally free!

You can register for the event here:

At this free event, you will learn all the strategies and techniques I used to become a successful entrepreneur and live the life of freedom I always dreamed of. My goal is to help empower as many people as I can!

So click the link here and choose what date and time you want to attend!

See you there,

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