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Jen Grochol - Owner, Curator, and Blogger at Piper & Sloan

Piper & Sloan is the culmination of all that I love: food, style, entertaining, making things by hand, visiting interesting places, and writing about things I find important, provocative, or timely. 

I picture Piper and Sloan as individual women, whose traits embody different sides of my own personality: Piper, the cook, mother, and hippy-at-heart who’d rather spend a day dirtying her hands in a garden and cooking a meal with fresh ingredients than put on a dress and heels; Sloan, the smart, professional, driven woman who can hold her own at an elegant dinner or a business meeting. My blog is where those parts of me meet, drink wine, and create together. I'm so excited to offer workshops that bring together like-minded women to create beautiful things and engage in intentional self-care.


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