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Physical Fitness and Health Instructor for Adults and Children, Wingate Institute
Personal Trainer, Wingate Institute
Pre- and Postnatal Physical Training and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Campus Siim
CrossFit Level 1 Certification
Guillarme breathing method certification


Additional Coursework:
Training New Moms - Jessie Mundell
The Pelvic Floor Piston, Foundation for Fitness - Julie Wiebe PT
Piston Science, modules one to eight - Julie Wiebe PT
Female Athletes, Ready for Impact? - Julie Wiebe PT


About Jen:


My background is in strength training.  I help people get fitter and stronger through sensible and progressive strength training.  What I focus on in teaching my personal training clients is strength and conditioning with corrective exercises and mobility drills.

I also subspecialize in training women who seek to recover full functionality of their core and pelvic floor after pregnancy and birth and (hopefully, if the client is inclined) preparing them for more intense training later on that will help her achieve her health and fitness goals.

There is a severe lack of trainers in Israel with sufficient understanding of the pelvic floor and issues pertinent to women who’ve given birth.  Baby bootcamps and other inappropriate forms of training with high impact that do not take form, breath and technique into account are rampant in gyms, studios and and parks across the country.

I am one of the few health professionals who has qualifications, knowledge, and experience about the pelvic floor and core, and I continue to dedicate my time to continuing education about these important and often ignored issues.  What differentiates me from the other trainers in this field is my understanding and use of strength training.  Most trainers either focus on strength and high intensity training, ignoring the specific needs of the pelvic floor and weakened core that exist after a woman gives birth, potentially causing a new mom further damage and trauma. Many working in the postpartum field tend to shy away from any strength training for their clients, preferring to use only very light weights, resistance bands and pilates balls.  While this has great value in the early stages of core and floor restoration, strength training must be incorporated and integrated in harmony with each client’s body in order to truly get results: increased strength, more toning and looking and feeling healthier.





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