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Jen and Paul's One Stop Shopping Souvenir City and Chelsea Bus Tours


Tired of WALKING around CHelseA?  Sick of trying to figure out the "concept" of the endless color squares you see in CHelseA?  What is the difference between NeO-MoDernIsm and ModEst AbstRactioN??  Don't understand why some of the ArTwork is SO DAMN EXPENSIVE???? WHO is DRIVING the MArKeT?? Wondering why you see the same artists OVER AND OVER????  WOnDeR WHY Female ArTWork IS sO HarD to FinD IN CHELSEA??  Then HOP ON!!!!!!  Finally, your all-inclusive CHelSea Experience!!!!

You can even purchase SOUVENIRS from all your Favorite FAMouS Artists!!!!! Can't afford a full scale Damien HIrst!!!????  NO PROBLEM!!!!!  Get a MiNI shark in formaldehyde!!!!!  Want your own Jeff Koons apparel but can't Afford H & M's hefty PRICES??  WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!  Tired of getting BEAT OUT at the AuCTION HOUSE???  Richard Prince getting you down because his prices keep rising on his Canal Series!??? Get the almost-originals from US for 99.999999999% OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE!!!!!  We'VE GOT IT ALL SATISFACTION GUARANTEED BY JEN AND PAUL THEMSELVES!!!!!  OVER 50 DIFFERENT ART WORKS!!!!! 

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