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Jeloude 4 Womyn By Womyn, Essex County College, Hyacinth Foundation

Jeloude 4 Womyn By Womyn

The Mission


Jeloude 4 Womyn by Womyn is an organization that has been in existence for two years. The organization exists to be a catalyst for positive change in the community by providing women and teen girls of color with resources, skills, and positive programs geared towards: 1. Upliftment 2. Empowerment 3. Self efficacy 4. Community/international advocacy. 

The services provided by Jeloude are: annual female empowerment conference, holistic workshops, referrals, mentorship, educational/informational workshops. Workshops on: finances, career/business, education, relationships, health and wellness, global/international women’s relations, spirituality, and family planning. The 5 core women who established this organization are (from right to left): Stephanie Antoine, Joanne Antoine, Lorraine Lacroix, Marcdalene Jean, Jessica Elicin, and Francia Clermont.


The Founder


Jessica Elicin has served as a public health worker specializing in disease prevention for the past four years. She empowers women of color to be advocates of their health by promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Through working with disadvantaged women, she has seen the importance that support plays in bringing forth positive change in the lives of those have it and empowerment to those who lack it. Jessica is an alumni of Rutgers University, graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology. Jessica is currently a Masters candidate at New York Medical College where she is studying Public Health Behavioral Sciences and Health Promotion as well as International Health. Jessica is a dancepreneur, owning her own Afro-Caribbean dance group. She is a poet, writer, and advocate for community health as well as women’s empowerment. For years Jessica Elicin has hosted free get together events and mini-conferences for women. The aim of all of these events were to get women connected with other women so that they can build support systems, learn new skills and be motivated to be the best that they can be. Through establishing Jeloude Jessica intends to grow this organization to become a physical center for women in the near future that functions to serve women in the United States and also build replicas internationally.

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